Annual General Meeting – 20th Nov 2018

Apologies: Father Paul, Bethany Coyle, Bernie Caygill

Present: 22 paid up members

Chairman: Jodie Barwick-Bell

Chairman’s Report

Jodie welcomed everyone to our first AGM and opened the discussion by asking how people felt about how we communicated to the village.


It was noted that this was how several people got involved in the first place, they were well received and even comments that there could be more.


Useful if not on Facebook and worthwhile. Site looks great.


Every 2 months seemed right. People were happy with the venue as it is free. We have tried the Community Centre, but it made no difference to numbers attending. It was suggested we try using the Methodist Hall as a one-off venue in the future.


Overall happy and it was felt people who used our Facebook generally wanted to make a difference, which is better than comments on Past Present & Future site. Not everyone is on Facebook.

Bulk emails

Seen as a really useful reminder, a couple of days before an event. Not more than 1 per week though and not too long content. Put information on Facebook page or link to website. Now reaching more people than before.

Other Ideas

It was felt we still needed to use posters, and more village noticeboards. Putting posters in shops would help too. We need a volunteer to take responsibility for this. Dave Bradford volunteered to put up posters to advertise our meetings.

Treasurers Report

Mark presented the Treasurers report which showed we had an income of £17,705.57 in the last financial year – all to be spent in the village. This is made up of Grants, Fundraising Activities, Membership Fees and Donations. It was pointed out that our ‘year end’ has been moved to November to maximise tax benefits.

Dave Bradford suggested putting the final audited report on the website under Regen section to make it absolutely clear how money has been spent. We need to record Volunteer Hours to help with future grant applications. We need to push the fact that this is wealth created locally.

Directors Voting

We have a maximum of 12 directors and there were 10 candidates standing for election. Ronnie Stuart, Jill Woodward, Jodie Barwick-Bell, Barbara Heslop, Brian Woodward, Jacky Quincey, Mark Bell, Will Carter, Dave Bradford & John Coburn. Candidates needed 70% of members present to vote them in. All members were elected, roles to be decided at next Directors meeting.

Change to CIO

Jodie presented the reasons for wanting to convert to a CIO – 3 reasons:

Easier to get grants as a charity
We can claim Gift Aid
No tax liability for charities.

The downside is there is more admin and it’s more formal. If anyone has any queries, please email Jodie by 30th November 2018. The members present need to vote to approve the change to a CIO – 22 members voted yes – unanimous.




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