Brighten Up Chopwell

Big Lottery Grant

Brilliant news- the Chopwell Regeneration Group have been successful in getting a grant from the Big Lottery for £6,500 to hold a Brighten Up Chopwell month this Autumn.

Having consulted with residents through Facebook, public meetings and via the council we know how important the appearance of the village is to our community and hopefully this money can make a real start in making the village look better. We are going to need lots of volunteers to get involved in clearing, planting and painting etc.

The team hard at work planning the event!

Suggestions Needed!

Are there areas of Chopwell you would like to be

  • Cleared up – rubbish cleared away etc?
  • Tidied up – hedges trimmed, fences fixed etc?
  • Brightened up – fences/railings painted, wood sanded down and revarnished etc?
  • Planted with flowers?

Any questions? Just email

Please spread the word round the village and get as many people as possible involved.

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